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Epoxy Tooling Board

What is Epoxy Tooling Board?

Epoxy tooling boards, which also might be named modelling boards are the trusted material choice for many manufacturing companies. They are commonly used to make prototype models and designs across the aerospace, motorsport, and industrial industry.

Epoxy tooling boards are made useful in all forms of carbon fibre production and vacuum forming materials including prepreg tooling, moulds, and composites.

Why do Industries Use Epoxy Tooling Board?

Epoxy Tooling Board’s main advantage is it being able to withstand high temperatures. Its main benefit to manufacturers is it provides a consistent performance level up to 205 degrees. It does not compromise the material in any way which helps when shaping and moulding. This enables the product to be easily shaped in the desired way, under high-temperature constraints.

Another benefit of epoxy tooling board is it being a strong and resilient material with excellent internal consistency. This gives you highly accurate patterns and moulds, so your product will be reliable and safe to replicate.

Epoxy tooling board is available to buy in differing levels of board thicknesses up to 200mm on average. You will be sure to find the right type of epoxy tooling board to suit your design plans once you have contacted your supplier. It is also extremely low and co-efficient in terms of thermal expansion.

epoxy tooling board